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Global growth has received optimistic perspectives in the recent past, with a growing interest in emerging economies. The perspective of emerging markets as new opportunities for business ventures and investments has been to a large extent due to geopolitical happenings at both macro and micro levels of these markets that have contributed to the impact of growth. These opportunities have positioned emerging economies as the new centres of attraction. There are various business opportunities that can be explored within emerging markets. However, with these opportunities comes challenges that are unique to emerging markets that must be understood by interested investors.

In the 21st century, the world economy is characterized by greater complexity, interdependency, transparency and diffusion of power. Many factors lead to crises, including poor corporate governance and regulatory oversight. Emerging opportunities are those that, from an end user perspective, some level of uncertainty exists in the configurability of business cases, thus certain sector sub- segments represent stronger revenue opportunities in the near and medium term for new market entrants.

Opportunities offered to businesses from operating in a global market place include: Lower costs – some countries have much cheaper production, premises and wages. This allows businesses to operate with lower overall costs and increase their profit margins. Businesses may also be able to gain economies of scale.

Current emerging industries include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Virtual Reality, Network Marketing, Biotechnology. Apart from these, some of the world best business opportunities are in the freelance business, affiliate marketing, stock trading, web designer, influencer marketing and many others that are listed above.

The countries that represent the largest global business opportunities for the next decade are China and India. The size of these opportunities depend on the size of population and economic growth. China has the largest population in the world followed by India. China has the fastest growth in GDP percentages.

Another mega trend currently reshaping the world is the increased importance of emerging markets in terms of policy (more regional and international cooperation and political blocks), economy and demographics.

Who can Participate?

College Teachers, Industry people, Research Scholars and Students Within India and Abroad of the following Departments:

  • MBA, MCom
  • MA Eco, MA HRM
  • Applied Management Concepts in any field.
  • Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science towards Business Decision making.

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