Learning Academy

Learning Academy

The nuances of communication are extended to the students through learning academy. After learning the basic communication skills the students are introduced into debates, discussions, polite mannered agreements and disagreements, sharing of ideas and opinions, convincing, etc. to enhance their advanced communicative skills. Leadership is often initiated from the students in organizing and conducting these programmes. The prime focus of learning academy is helping the students,

  • To communicate effectively and excel in self-presentation for various occasions.

  • To develop themselves using effective social learning

  • To understand group dynamics

  • To enhance their management skills

Cultivating communication skills through activities is not a new idea for Jesuits. Thus an effective implementation is well experienced in different forms of artistic activities such as role plays, public speaking, individual/group presentation, students-led talks/training/cultural, panel discussions, debate, dramatic play, song, interviewing personality, narration of stories and jokes, declamation, product launch, ad-zap, business plan, business quiz, etc. These skills help them to face interviews effectively.