Assessment of Learning

Assessment of Learning

Assessment is essential to evaluate the rate of progress, provided the assessment methodology is adaptable and all-inclusive to evaluate the area of specialization and the area of improvement of its candidates. JIM, as an institute of holistic personality formation, reframed its evaluation methodology to value its students on the basis of "singers must be tested on singing and dancers must be on dancing", not on conventional long hours of examinations. Students are evaluated on their multidimensional activities in the form of summative and formative assessments. The evaluation is periodically executed at the end of every 90-minutes session and every student is expected to prove the area of strength innovatively, not only by writing exams. Students need to integrate concepts, think critically and apply ideas of a course in reality by employing a varied set of methods and academic strategies. There is clear evidence that the work students do in one or more classes directly supports how and when students achieve. So JIM follows "course-embedded" measures. Course assignments, demonstrations and reports are evaluated within the criteria established by JIM. The skills of communication and articulation are also equally tested and measured. Finally, once the scores are collected on students' performance through the outcomes assessment process, they are shared and analyzed by the appropriate standing committee under the leadership of Chair, (include) Examinations and the Director of JIM approves the score that is to be sent to the Controller of Examinations in the college.